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SikaCeram - 255 Easy S1 - Stone adhesive - Glue for large format ceramic tiles

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Stone glue

  • Sikacream is a deformable glue for natural stones.
  • Applied on existing ceramic tile substrates, stone, indoors, gypsum and cement based substrates, plasterboard and existing PVC, linoleum or vinyl floors indoors.
  • Excellent applicability and creaminess.
  • Zero vertical slip.
  • Extended open time and frost resistant.

Glue for large format ceramic tiles, vertical sliding or, for interiors and exteriors, installation up to 10 mm thick, White, 25kg

SikaCeram-255 Easy S1 White is an improved, deformable, class C2TE S1 cement-based powder adhesive for ceramic tiles, including large format ones.
SikaCeram-255 is an adhesive for natural stones with the possibility of installation up to 10 mm thick and can be used indoors and outdoors for floor or wall applications. Technical information: Layer thickness: 10 mm max. Substrate / support temperature: +5°C min. / +35°C max. Maturation time: ~3 min. Workability time: ~6 hours (dough life). Adjustability time: ~50 min. Application method: SikaCeram-255 Easy S1 White is applied with a notched trowel. Apply a sufficient quantity of product to ensure complete "wetting" of the back of the tiles. The installation is carried out on fresh glue, exerting adequate pressure to ensure contact with the adhesive and therefore perfect bonding. If a surface film has formed, it is necessary to remove the adhesive layer and replace it with fresh SikaCeram-255 Easy S1 White material. Avoid application in direct sunlight and/or in strong wind/draught. For the installation of tiles with a size equal to or greater than 900 cm2 (e.g. 30 x 30 cm), the double spreading technique is always recommended to obtain complete filling of the adhesive layer under the tiling (full bed).

Glue for natural stones