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Raimondi - Kit 20 Cylinders D. 60 mm, Plate Support Accessory For BM180 and BM180PLUS

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Kit of 20 polypropylene supports (h 5.6 cm; Ø 6 cm)

The BM180 MkII polypropylene workbench supports provide stable, modular support for lifting worktops from aluminum worktop profiles. This system allows you to make cuts with a disc and angle grinder in all directions, protecting the work surface underneath.

The flexibility in positioning the supports allows you to obtain maximum stability and support for the slab, even in complex situations and for difficult cuts. Inserting and fixing the supports is quick and simple: just insert them into the aluminum profiles of the bench and fix them in the desired position with a slight rotation. Made of strong and durable plastic material, they are designed to last a long time and can be reused countless times.

The supports are compatible only with BM180 benches equipped with grooved profiles. They do not limit the use of accessories for the BM180 MkII and do not interfere with the use of the POWER RAIZOR wet cutting kit and dust containment device.