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Kerakoll - Biocalce Plaster Intonachino Fino Kg 25

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Biolime plaster up to 25 kg

Certified natural smoothing compound, eco-friendly, made of pure NHL 3.5 natural lime

Biocalce Intonachino is a highly breathable, certified and eco-friendly natural smoothing compound. Formulated with pure natural NHL 3.5 lime in accordance with EN 459-1, this product is ideal for the fine-grained finishing of plasters, particularly suitable for GreenBuilding and Historic Restoration.

Its composition is based only on strictly natural raw materials, with reduced CO2 emissions and very low emissions of volatile organic substances. In addition to offering excellent breathability, Biocalce Intonachino actively contributes to natural ventilation, helping to dilute indoor pollutants. Furthermore, it has natural bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties.

This product is recyclable as an inert material at the end of its life, ensuring a sustainable approach. Biocalce Intonachino Fino is ideal for fine-grained surface finishing interventions on civil plasters and for restoration work in Biocalce cycles. It can be used for both indoors and outdoors.

It is particularly suitable for the fine-grain finish of plastered wall surfaces in Wellness Building, thanks to the strictly natural origin of its ingredients which guarantees compliance with the fundamental parameters of porosity, hygroscopicity and breathability required. Furthermore, in Historical Restoration, Biocalce Intonachino Fino offers a suitable solution for natural and breathable smoothing, preserving the existing structures and original materials thanks to the choice of traditional ingredients such as natural lime, stone, marble and granite.

Before application, ensure that the support is clean, consistent and free of loose parts, dust and other contamination. Avoid application on dirty, loose or powdery surfaces, as well as on old or dull paints. In the presence of high interstitial salinity, direct use on gypsum-based plasters other than VOC-eating BioGesso Intonaco is not recommended. In such cases, the application of the eco-compatible surface insulation Rasobuild Eco Consolidante is recommended.

Choose Biocalce Intonachino for a breathable, natural and certified smoothing finish that respects the environment and contributes to the well-being of indoor environments.