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Piscopiello Scaffolding - Orthogonal joints for fixed scaffolding

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Certified Ortagonal Joints for Fixed Scaffolding - Maximum Safety on Construction Sites

21mm 4-bolt fixed scaffolding joint. certificate. The joint allows you to fix all 48 mm diameter pipes on top of each other. in fixed "cross" position.

Looking for high-quality orthogonal joints for your fixed scaffolding? Our Ortagonal Joints for Fixed Scaffolding, certified and precisely designed, are what you need. Made to ensure a solid and safe connection, these joints are essential for those who want to guarantee maximum safety on construction sites. Thanks to their robust structure and galvanized finish, they offer exceptional resistance to atmospheric conditions and the wear and tear of time. Whether you're working in construction or other industries, these joints will allow you to create high-capacity structures with ease.

The joint has various uses in the construction field but also in other fields, in fact high capacity structures can be created at will using the innocent tube diam. 48.

NB. The galvanization of the joint can be gold in color as shown in the photo or white.

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