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Geal - ICR 17 Water-repellent, anti-humidity, anti-efflorescence, 5 litres

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ICR 17 Water-repellent, anti-humidity, anti-efflorescence

Geal ICR 17 - Lt. 5 Natural effect

ICR 17 Water-repellent is a mixture of low molecular weight siloxane oligomers in organic solvents with high penetration and condensation capacity.

ICR 17 Water-repellent, prevents the capillary rise of humidity in floors and walls, counteracting the formation of efflorescence and moss • It can be applied indoors and outdoors on terracotta, terracotta, clinker and on all types of stone and marble and cementitious products (grits , concrete, plaster, etc.). Do not apply on plaster • Suitable for the pre-treatment of highly absorbent materials before installation or grouting, to avoid the formation of stains and the rise of humidity around the perimeter • It does not yellow, it does not change the appearance of the material or its original vapor permeability .

Product ready for use • Apply pure on clean and perfectly dry surfaces, with a brush or wax spreader, or by spraying with a manual sprayer. Do not spray • Do not apply on surfaces that are too hot or too cold (above 35°C or below 5°C ) or outdoors if rain is forecast in the next 24 hours • For maximum protection, apply two or more coats at least 4 hours apart from each other • Carry out preliminary tests to decide on the dosage.

1. It does not film or alter the appearance of the material
2. It does not reduce the natural breathability of the material
3. Maintains effectiveness for over ten years