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Edilchimica - Elastik Bituminous waterproofing, various formats

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Elastik bituminous waterproofing

Liquid sheath

ElastiK is the innovative bituminous waterproofing that offers excellent protection for a wide range of applications. This semi-dense black thixotropic paste, ready to use, is formulated with selected distilled bitumens, additives and particular rubbers which give the product exceptional characteristics of waterproofing, adhesion, elasticity, durability against ageing, resistance to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric agents .

With an average lifespan of 10 years, ElastiK is the perfect replacement for bituminous membranes in rolls for waterproofing. This environmentally friendly, water-based product is ideal for a variety of applications, including waterproofing concrete patios, foundation walls against the ground and surfaces with irregular geometries. Furthermore, it offers rustproof and waterproof protection for metal sheets, gutters and storage tanks, both underground and external.

ElastiK is able to effectively seal joints between different materials, such as metal-metal, metal-concrete, metal-glass and concrete-concrete. It can also be used for gluing insulating panels to concrete, plaster and breathable surfaces, allowing the passage of water vapor for adequate drying of the glue. Furthermore, it is ideal for repairing old bituminous membranes and for waterproofing balconies without the need to demolish the existing flooring.

Buy ElastiK now and enjoy a high quality product that offers exceptional waterproofing, adhesion, elasticity and weather resistance. Choose a reliable and versatile solution for all your waterproofing needs.

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