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Geal - CB90 LT.5 Neutral concentrated detergent for stoneware, terracotta, stone and marble floors

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Geal - CB90 LT.5 Neutral concentrated detergent

Geal CB90 is a detergent enriched with anionic, non-ionic and synergistic surfactants. This concentrated solution offers deep, non-aggressive cleaning for all types of washable surfaces.

Distinctive features of our cleaner:

  1. Versatile and effective: Thanks to its degreasing action and low foaming, it is ideal for the ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of surfaces in terracotta, ceramic, linoleum, rubber, laminates, PVC, stone materials, agglomerates and cementitious composites.

  2. Without streaks or opaqueness: Its specially designed formula does not leave unwanted traces on the treated surface, guaranteeing a clean and bright result.

  3. Safe and efficient: The neutral pH and the solvent and emulsifying active ingredients ensure deep cleaning without damaging the surfaces. The cleaner is suitable for frequent and non-aggressive use.

Recommended methods of use:

  • Ordinary and frequent cleaning: Dilute CB 90 at 5% in 2-3 liters of water. Use a constantly rinsed and clean soft cloth, sponge or mop to gently scrub the surface.

  • Extraordinary and periodic cleaning: Distribute the product pure or diluted by a maximum of 20% on the surface to be treated. Rub vigorously with brushes, abrasive pads or a single-brush machine with a medium-hard disc. Remove residue and rinse with clean water. Dry and repeat if necessary.

Consumption varies based on needs and the dilution used.

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