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Raimondi - Workbench with variable width from 100 to 150 cm BM180 394MA PLUS

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Workbench BM180 394MA PLUS

Workbench with variable width (from 100 cm to 150 cm) designed to be the perfect workstation for large format plates up to 160 cm wide while maintaining easy transportability.

With a few simple movements the width of the work surface can vary from a minimum of 100 cm to a maximum of 150 cm passing through intermediate measurements. In order to obtain an optimal work surface for each chosen width, the aluminum profiles are easily movable.

When the width of the top is varied, the legs also move, always maintaining the optimal position to guarantee maximum stability and sturdiness of the bench. The length of the top is 180 cm. By combining two BM180 PLUS benches you obtain a work surface up to 360 cm long (and expandable at will from 100 to 150 cm).

This feature makes BM180 PLUS a perfect worktop for working with slabs of any size. Possibility of adding optional extension (Art. 394CP270APLUS) to extend the worktop by 90 cm (total 270 cm). When in the minimum width position of the top, the bench is extremely compact and easy to transport and store.

The folding legs with which it is equipped make everything even more practical. The spaced and movable anodized aluminum profiles allow cuts to be made with an angle grinder with a diamond disc without damaging the surface. Furthermore, special support cylinders are available as accessories which distance the slab from the surface, preventing the diamond disc from damaging the surface, regardless of the direction of the cut.

Possibility of adding further aluminum profiles (optional) Summary of salient data: Width: variable from 100 cm to 150 cm; Length: 180cm; Height of the worktop from the ground: 83 cm; Maximum capacity: 150 kg.