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Free shipping on hundreds of products - 24/7 Whatsapp support
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Eclisse flush-to-the-wall and swing doors: maximum expression of functionality and design

If until recently doors were considered only a functional element, today they have become an integral part of the furniture. Modern doors are inspired by contemporary design and use cutting-edge materials and technologies. The possibilities of choice are practically endless.

The selection of internal doors helps to define the style of the entire home, so it is essential to pay attention during the purchase, also considering details such as the color of the handles, skirting boards and floors.

In the context of modern and minimalist interior furnishings, flush-to-the-wall doors are the true protagonists. This type of door is characterized by the absence of external elements such as jambs, frames, architraves and even hinges. It can be camouflaged on the wall and painted in such a way as to become practically invisible.

However, there is nothing to stop you from opting for colored, lacquered or decorated door panels with custom finishes or prints that create a stark contrast with the surrounding wall. In this case, the doors become real distinctive and design elements, becoming the undisputed protagonists of the scene.

With flush-to-the-wall doors, a world of possibilities opens up for customizing the appearance of the doors, allowing you to adapt them to your style and furnishing vision.

Eclisse pocket doors are specifically designed to meet the modern design needs of interior environments. These are windows that combine functionality, technique and aesthetics.

Among the advantages obtained are also the increase in internal brightness and the possibility of giving character and an extra touch to the spaces. Furthermore, Eclisse doors use innovative counterframes, thanks to which the design and furnishing possibilities of the rooms are improved.

The advantages of Eclisse pocket doors are many: space saving, space optimization, design, functionality, decoration and refinement for maximum customization of your home.

Our shop is able to offer a wide range of Eclisse products, with all the precautions and advice necessary for the installation of these very important home components.

Feel free to contact us for a free quote. Our experts will assist you quickly and will be able to answer all your questions.


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