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San Marco - Superconfort Anti-condensation, heat-insulating, breathable, anti-mould interior paint, White

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Superconfort Anti-condensation, thermo-insulating, breathable, anti-mould interior paint, White

Breathable water-based paint for interiors, heat-insulating and anti-mold. Suitable for finishing and renovating all environments, it is particularly suitable for wall surfaces in damp or condensation-prone rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms, cellars, laundries, or in the case of thermal bridges and cold walls, such as those facing north. It can be applied on new or already painted surfaces, civil plasters but also prefabricated panels, plaster and plasterboard. Its particular formulation, enriched with special hollow glass microspheres, keeps the treated walls "warmer", therefore drier and free of surface condensation. The elimination of condensation, the main cause of mold formation, promotes the improvement of living comfort.
It can be easily applied with a roller or brush, obtaining homogeneous surfaces with a matt and uniform appearance.
Available in light and pastel shades.

In the presence of mould, it is recommended to pre-treat the surface with the COMBAT 222 detergent and then with the COMBAT 333 sanitizer.
In the case of supports with old or particularly absorbent paint, it is recommended to apply a coat of FISSATIVE ATOMO before painting.

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