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Raimondi - Berta Electrosponge Floor Cleaner 230 V 50/60Hz

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Discover the Raimondi Berta electric sponge, the innovative solution for cleaning floors in various materials, such as Tuscan terracotta, porcelain stoneware, double-fired, marble, clinker, porphyry, natural stones and more. This professional tool is ideal for effectively removing cement or epoxy resin-based sealant products during the sealing phase, keeping floors shiny and protected.

The Raimondi Berta electric sponge offers numerous advantages. Not only can it clean floors quickly and efficiently, but it is also easy to maneuver, making it perfect for even small surfaces. With a yield of 100 m2/hour on medium difficulty surfaces, this tool allows cleaning jobs to be completed quickly.

Thanks to the long-lasting sponge roller, which covers a cleaning area between 150 and 2000 m2, you can count on reliable performance over time. Furthermore, the squeezing of the sponge roller is adjustable, allowing you to obtain the right level of humidity for each cleaning.

Replacing the sponge roller is simplified thanks to the quick release devices, which facilitate the operation. The water supply to the roller is via a bubble-breaking belt, ensuring uniform humidity during cleaning. The foldable handle, with variable inclination and height, offers optimal comfort during use.

The Raimondi Berta electric sponge is made with aluminum components, which guarantee lightness and resistance to corrosion. The 15-litre removable tub, made of shock-proof plastic and equipped with wheels, offers practicality and ease of use.

The electrosponge kit includes the brown sponge roller.