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Laserliner - Endoscope, Diameter: 9 mm, Probe length: 5 m 082.258A 258A

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Compact Video Analyzer for Visual Control: Efficiency and Accuracy

Equipped with a 9 mm diameter probe camera and a 5 m probe length, this instrument allows you to precisely explore and inspect even the most inaccessible points.

The photo and video recording function allows you to save recordings for future analysis, providing reliable troubleshooting support. Thanks to the high-efficiency lighting with 4 high-performance LEDs, it is possible to obtain clear and detailed images of the object under examination.

The camera head and cables are designed to be watertight, ensuring safe use even in humid environments. With the camera head only 9 mm in diameter, the analyzer is perfect for difficult to access places.

The 5m camera offers multiple application possibilities, allowing you to thoroughly explore areas that require attention. The high-contrast LC display reduces ambient light and ensures optimal viewing, even in conditions of strong light irradiation.

The analyzer supports connection to external monitors via the TV-Out function, allowing you to view images on a larger screen for detailed observation. Furthermore, the SDHC memory card format function makes it easier to manage recorded files.

With the ability to manually rotate the image 180° on the monitor, you get comfortable and precise viewing in any position. The 9mm camera head is equipped with a guide sleeve that ensures optimal gliding along uneven surfaces.

Features of the endoscope include LED illumination, digital zoom and focus. The display resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and a camera resolution of 640 x 480 pixels make images clear and detailed. The analyzer is compact and lightweight, weighing just 1.2kg, making it easy to handle.