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Renner Rioverde - Water-based primer Ml. 750

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Color: RM1010 Transparent

Water-based primer Ml. 750

It decorates and protects the wood from attack by atmospheric agents and UV rays with the exception of the transparent version as it is free of iron oxides. Prevents the action of fungi and mold. Decorates the support by highlighting the grain of the wood, enhancing its natural beauty. It is odorless, does not film and has excellent penetration. It is applied in one or two coats on raw wood pre-sanded with 150 abrasive paper or on wood already impregnated, but not treated with finishing products, in which case it is necessary to go "to wood" with 150 abrasive paper.

Area of ​​use: windows and coverings, beams, paneling and balconies, cottages and fences.

Can be overpainted with RF Series Finishes **20 and with RC3030 waxy finish

Store at no less than 4°C. Paint: at no less than 8°C.

Mix well before use Dilution: with tap water at 5 -10%

Brush/spray application

Yield: approximately 10 m2 / Liter Drying: 3 hours