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San Marco - Combat Anti-Mold Detergent 222 lt. 0.5

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Combat 222 lt. 0.5

COMBAT 222 is a detergent for cleaning surfaces infested with mould, fungi or algae. It can be applied on any type of wall, internal or external, and on existing paints or plastic coatings.
Recommended as a restorative treatment before painting, COMBAT 222 can be used on small surfaces to restore their original appearance, without having to resort to subsequent repainting. In this case the effect is to be considered temporary.
COMBAT 222 is ready to use and very easy to use thanks to the convenient spray applicator. In the case of heavily infested surfaces, it is advisable to repeat the treatment several times until complete recovery.
For use, use the right safety precautions, always following the same precautions recommended for solvents (mask, gloves, ventilation)
To protect surfaces for longer, we recommend applying the COMBAT 333 anti-mold sanitizer after cleansing.
In the case of supports with old or particularly absorbent paint, it is recommended to apply a coat of FISSATIVE ATOMO before painting.