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San Marco - Combat 6000 Washable anti-mold paint for interiors, White

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Combat 6000 Washable anti-mold paint for interiors, White

COMBAT 6000 is a washable water-based paint particularly suitable for rooms prone to mold formation where the air has a high level of humidity. It can be applied on new or already painted internal surfaces, civil plasters but also prefabricated panels, plaster and plasterboard. It combats the formation of mold and is ideal for restoring already contaminated premises.
COMBAT 6000 is suitable for finishing and renovating all environments, it has a high covering power, masks imperfections well and guarantees a highly uniform appearance. The high whiteness gives brightness to the painted walls which remain particularly opaque.
Thanks to its innovative formulation, COMBAT 6000 dries quickly, allows you to reduce the time between one coat and another and allows you to quickly reoccupy the rooms.
COMBAT 6000 has a low VOC content for greater living well-being and respect for the applicator.
Available in light and pastel shades.
To dilute the product and clean the tools once the job is finished, use water.
Product made with attention to environmental sustainability.

In the presence of mould, it is recommended to pre-treat the surface with the COMBAT 222 detergent and then with the COMBAT 333 sanitizer.
In the case of supports with old or particularly absorbent paint, it is recommended to apply a coat of FISSATIVE ATOMO before painting.

Anti-mold action

walls clean and free of mould

Durable product
washable water-based paint

Covering capacity
very high leveling power

rapid drying, processing and waiting times are reduced

Convenient solution
high yield

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