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Free shipping on hundreds of products - 24/7 Whatsapp support
Le migliori Pitture Idrorepellenti: San Marco sullo shop Archimedil srl - Archimedil

The best water-repellent paints: San Marco on the Archimedil srl shop

Water-repellent paint is an excellent solution for protecting building surfaces from water, dirt and mold growth. If you are looking for a high-quality water-repellent paint for your next renovation or construction project, San Marco products could be the ideal solution for you.

San Marco is a leading Italian company in the production of paints and coatings for the building industry. Their products are famous for their quality, durability and weather resistance. Among the most popular San Marco products for water-repellent paint are the Idroblock and Idroten systems, perfect for protecting external surfaces from humidity.

The San Marco Idroblock system is an elastomeric paint that creates a waterproof barrier against water and humidity. This product is ideal for external surfaces such as building facades, perimeter walls and retaining walls. Thanks to its high elasticity, Idroblock is able to resist thermal and mechanical stress, guaranteeing long life over time.

The Idroten di San Marco system, on the other hand, is an insulating thermal paint that protects surfaces from humidity and simultaneously reduces heat loss. This product is particularly suitable for the external surfaces of roofs and walls, and allows you to reduce the building's energy consumption.

In addition to the Idroblock and Idroten systems, S an Marco offers a vast range of products for the protection and decoration of building surfaces. Among the most requested products we find anti-mold paints, floor paints, fireproof paints and decorative finishes.

Choosing San Marco products for water-repellent paint means relying on a company with decades of experience and at the forefront in the research and development of innovative solutions for the building industry. Thanks to their high quality and durability, San Marco products will allow you to protect and decorate your building surfaces effectively and long-lasting.

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